Monday Reads

I used to post every Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday- talking about what I'd read for the week, what I was writing, and what else was going on in my life. But since that has gone the way of the dodo bird, I had to decide, what next? I do best when I have structure and direction, so after thinking about it, I decided to take the idea of What's Up Wednesday, but spread it out over three days.
Monday will be MONDAY READS: all about what I've read the past week. Wednesday is WEDNESDAY WRITES: all about what I'm writing, revising, beta-ing, or whatever. And I'm going to stick with my Love List on Friday, but changing the name to FRIDAY LOVES. I'm going to try this out for a bit and see if it works. Hopefully, too, this will keep posts short, because I'm all about brevity.

So on to today, my first MONDAY READS post.
Kendra has always felt overshadowed by her older brother, Grayson, whose OCD forces him to live a life of carefully coordinated routines. The only way Kendra can stand out next to Grayson is to be perfect, and she has perfection down to an art -- until a cheating scandal threatens her flawless reputation.
Behind the wheel of her car, with Grayson asleep beside her, Kendra decides to drive away from it all -- with enough distance, maybe she'll be able to figure everything out. But eventually, Kendra must stop running and come to terms with herself, her brother, and her past.

This past week, I read PERFECT ESCAPE by Jennifer Brown. I had a hard time with this book and really wanted to DNF it a few times. I ended up finishing to the end, but I think I could have given it up and wouldn't have missed out. Not that this wasn't a good book in its way. I really liked reading about a character with extreme OCD, and the relationship between the two siblings. That being said, I felt like the MCs inner monologue was the same throughout. She would go back and forth between, I hate my brother he's ruined my life I can't take it anymore, to, I love my brother and maybe I can fix him. This went on through the entire book and I got a little sick of it. I wasn't satisfied by the end either, although it was realistic, it just didn't feel like a strong enough character arc (like, she just swapped back to, I love my brother). People will disagree, because I know lots love this book, but I just wasn't feeling it. :(

Now I'm reading OUT OF THE EASY by Ruta Sepetys and I'm LOVING this book so far.

What are you reading?