Love List #2

LOVE #1: This past week I read 17 First Kisses by Rachael Allen, which I loved (duh). It was one of those books that was just very true, very real, like I was back in high school all over again. And the voice was awesome. One of my favorite lines:

"Rock-star sweat is like pixie dust- it makes magical things happen."

LOVE #2: Call the Midwife. I've finished the first three seasons and now I'm IMPATIENTLY waiting for season four to appear on my cable. This show is so good- love the characters and the setting and the clothes, and of course, I get super teary eyed over the births.

LOVE #3: Hozier's Take Me to Church. Although the lyrics don't really go along with my MS EPONINE, there's something about the darkness of the song that makes me think of the book every time I hear it.

What are you loving this week?