Love List #1

Love this!

I say that a lot. I post it a lot, on Facebook or Twitter, usually with a picture or a music video or something attached that I've discovered lately.

So I decided. Friday will be my LOVE LIST day. I'm going to post anything and everything that I'm loving that week, whether it's a show, a movie, a quote, a song, a picture, a scene from my WIP... anything. Because I think we should celebrate and share the things we love.

Here's my first Love List:

The Thinking Out Loud music video. Love the song, I could listen to it all day, and the dancing in the video is gorgeous. Way to go Ed Sheeran.
Another song I'm crazy for is The Words by Christina Perri. Her video is that much more awesome because it stars Captain Hook, AKA Colin O'Donoghue. Yum.
What are you loving this week?
PS- If the videos don't work, the titles are links to YouTube.