What's Up Wednesday: Shopping, Not Writing

I finished Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour. It had a very vivid world which was lovely in the beginning but all the description started to bug me midway through. For example, I didn't need to know what EVERY character was wearing EVERY time they came on the scene. Also, I got to this point where I felt like I should be FEELING more and I just wasn't. Otherwise, the book was good. No, it really was. I'm just being nitpicky. Now I'm reading The Hobbit, in prep for the last movie coming out oh-so-soon!

I did a bit. A tiny bit. Just a wee small amount of words. I swear, I've had no time lately. I have no clue what exactly I've been doing to take all my time, but somehow it's disappearing down a dark hole of nothing. Also, I'm just not feeling this WIP right now (which is surprising since it's a retelling of a story I LOVE). So I've decided. I'm not going to force it. If I'm feeling the inspiration, I'll write. If not, I'm not going to beat myself up. For December only though. Once January hits, I will kick my WIPs butt.

Normally, I'd say GOALS, but 1k a day has been my goal since November first and I'm only at 16k, so you can see how well that's going. I blame Christmas.

Shopping! Black Friday is still becoming a thing here in Canada (which is fine because it's not Thanksgiving so no big deal), although the weather here was terrible over the weekend. I wouldn't have gone out at all on Friday except that I had to get a present for treat bags for my daughter's birthday party, which was Saturday. I took her and her friends swimming and then out to dinner Saturday night. Then Sunday, the kids did their annual presentation at church which went really well (thank goodness, since I was one of the adults who organized it all). I've also done some Christmas shopping, Christmas party clothes shopping, looking for White Elephant gifts, and buying things for my daughter's new basement bedroom and bathroom, like a shower curtain and a bed frame (among other things).

And of course, I need to give a shout-out to the Calgary Stampeders who won the Grey Cup, not that I watched. ;) What have you been up to?