What's Up Wednesday: Revising and Being Girly

I have this inability to NOT read something. While waiting for a book from the library, I picked up Inferno by Dan Brown. I've liked Dan Brown in the past, but reading this I'm noticing why he gets criticized quite a bit. For example, I found three of these: ?! on one page alone. Why, Dan Brown, why?! Anyway, the book itself isn't bad, although I'm still nursing that reading slump. :(

Finished a revision of SWAY, my adult romance/retelling. I needed to rework the beginning especially and I'm waiting to hear back from a couple CPs if it needs more work.

Deadlines. Suddenly I had this deadline- not an exact date but something I needed to do and preferred to do quickly, and it worked. I got done what I needed to in a timely fashion. Go me.

The hubs had his Christmas party on the weekend which was blah but I got to dress up which was fun. Not that I don't dress up every Sunday for church. Anyway, I really wanted to rock a late fifties/early sixties look- the full skirt past the knees and pointy-toed shoes- but with a modern flair. I had a heckuva time finding what I wanted but finally found some pieces that I liked. I'm such a girl sometimes.
Me and the hubs                          My shoes
Also, my oldest turned eleven and we celebrated her birthday as a family. And I had to speak in church (yikes!). And coming up this week- kids Christmas concerts and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!!!
Whaddaya think, one more week of Hobbit gifs, or what?