What's Up Wednesday: North and South and Taylor Swift

What I'm Reading
Still reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. It's a classic so there's a lot of long descriptions and unnecessary scenes and drawn-out dialogue. Despite all that, I am enjoying the book.Especially getting more into the characters heads than you can watching the four-part BBC movie.  (Although this is one of those rare times where I prefer the movie over the book. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

What I'm Writing
Still trying to prep for NaNo. I'm outlining more than I ever have before, using this template similar to Save the Cat (but more detailed) that my sis-in-law emailed me. I'm good through the midpoint and I know the end, but I've got issues after the midpoint that I need to work out. I'm not sure I'm going to be ready in time for Saturday so I haven't officially signed up for NaNo this year and I don't think I will. But I will use the month to keep to a daily word count, once I can get the book outlined anyway.

What Works For Me
A few of you have said this too, but it really helps me to have someone to brainstorm with. My (aforementioned) sis-in-law and CP loves to edit (she's an editor intern with The Zharmae Publishing Press) and she's really good about responding to my random messages. She always has great ideas and even if I don't end up using them (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't), talking with her alone helps to get my creative juices flowing. This is seriously one of the best things ever and I'm very grateful that she's willing to chat with me at random times of the day.

What Else Is New
I bought Taylor Swift's new CD on Monday and I've been listening to it on repeat when I'm in the car. It's definitely different from her other albums but there are a few songs I'm already loving. It'll probably only take a few more listens until I love the whole album.
Out of the Woods- one of my early faves
What's up with you this Wednesday?