Ready. Set. WRITE! Last week!

It's the last week of Ready. Set. WRITE! and I think I'm supposed to recap how I did on my goals for the summer.

Since I missed the first week, I never did make a big goal or goals for the summer. Mainly, I participated in RSW so I wouldn't get sucked into the laziness that is summer. So I think I did pretty good. I finished multiple revisions on EPONINE, not to mention writing the synopsis and revising the query. It's now on the WriteOnCon forums, and I'll be starting to query for real in September. I've also started revisions on JAR OF HEARTS. I'm nowhere near done- I have LOTS to do with this MS- but I've started and I know once I get back into a schedule come September, I'll be able to make better progress.

So that's it! I'm really glad I participated in RSW this year because if I hadn't, I don't know if EPONINE would have been query ready by now. So it was a great kick in the pants for me this summer.
How did you all do?