What's Up Wednesday: Sleep and Stampede

What I'm Reading
I read Cruel Beauty by Rosamond Hodge and I really thought this book might annoy me but it didn't! I thought it combined maybe a few too many things (fantasy, retelling, Greek mythology, and even a slight dystopian feel), but overall I enjoyed the story. Then I read A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller and it was SO GOOD! Just my type of book with the historical setting, awesome characters, full plot, and perfect romance. LOVED.
What I'm Writing
Working on CP notes for EPONINE. It doesn't take long to go through the chapters, but finding the time in the day to do it is tough.
What Inspires Me Right Now
Suffragettes. After reading A Mad, Wicked Folly, I can't help but be inspired by strong women who pretty much gave us the freedoms we have today. Life still isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than it was then.
What Else I've Been Up To
Sleeping in! Now that the kids aren't in school anymore, and they're old enough to entertain themselves, I get to sleep in, and IT. IS. AWESOME. Except I lose like two hours of the day, which sucks, but you won't see me setting my alarm anytime soon.
Also, the beach, camping over the weekend, and the Calgary Stampede. Yeehaw!
The Stampede midway
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