A-Z Challenge: X is for X-Men and Other Superheroes

I didn't grow up reading superhero comics- I was more into novels. I remember watching Lois & Clark sporadically (my best friend had a crush on Dean Cain) and seeing Batman and Robin in the theatre (I had a crush on Chris O'Donnell). And then 2000 hit and suddenly it was the start of the age of superheroes. X-Men came out that year and even though I didn't know anything about them, I saw the movie in theatres and loved it. Then came Smallville. And the Spiderman movies. Iron Man. Fast forward more than ten years later and we've got the awesomeness that is Marvel, and DC trying to keep up with their upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

Superhero movies to me are the perfect blend of action, comedy, and romance. They're the kind of movies I want to spend the big bucks on so I can see them on the big screen. They're the movies that get me excited, get my blood tingling and my heart pumping and my legs jumping.

Isn't it awesome? I love how this has all become a THING. How it's okay to be excited and even obsessive about comic books and superheroes and everything that goes with it. How superhero fever has swept the world. I know I sound cheesy right now, and maybe it's my inner nerd coming out, but superheroes are the best! I just hope that Marvel and DC and everyone else making books and movies keep up the quality we've come to expect.

What do you think about superhero comics/movies? Fan or not so much?

Oh, and an X song for the day which has nothing to do with comic book heroes, but comes from a superstar for sure:
XO by Beyonce