A-Z Challenge: M is for Music

M is for music because I just couldn't live without it. If I was stuck on an island and I could only have one thing with me... yep, music. Specifically, my playlist and a never ending battery. I listen to music ALL THE TIME. I listen when I cook, clean, write, shower, drive, blog... I listen to music a lot and I listen to it LOUD. And I sing loud too. And badly.

Someone was telling me the other day that they've started using a diffuser to help relieve stress. I sat there and thought, I don't need that, because I have music. I listen to Somewhere Over The Rainbow when I want to go to my "happy place." I listen to upbeat pop tunes when I want to dance around. I listen to quieter alternative type songs when I'm in a thinking mood. And I listen to classical when I write. Musicals when I feel like singing. Punk rock when I want to jam. And the radio when I feel like listening to whatever. I definitely couldn't live without music.

Some M songs for you, from different types of music I like:
Moments by One Direction. A Song from my current WIP

Mean  by Taylor Swift, one of my favorite singers

Marriage of Figaro by Mozart. I've loved Mozart ever since the movie Amadeus came out

What's your favorite M song?