A-Z Challenge: D is for Daydreamin'

D is for DAYDREAMING. Obviously. Because it's what I do best! What I've always done. What I just can't stop doing.

I used to watch the movie Rudy all the time as a teenager, you know the one about Notre Dame football starring Sean Astin? Anyway, there's a quote from that movie that's always haunted stayed with me: "The problem with daydreamers? They're not doers."

And it's kinda true. I daydream all this crazy stuff, things that I'd like to do, places I'd like to go, jobs I'd like to have, people I'd like to meet. Daydreaming, not doing. It's taken me a long time to become sort of a doer. Even though I can't live it, I can write it. Maybe I'll never be on Broadway, or float down the streets of Venice in a gondola, or get my letter to Hogwarts, but I can write what I daydream. I can transfer those crazy stories from my head to paper and hopefully one day to a real live book. And even though I don't get to be the star of the show living it all, I get to be God creating it all. And that's not so bad.

Of course, my D song for the day is none other than...
Daydreamin' by Ariana Grande
(If the video doesn't work, click on the song title)