Writer Recharge Update: Week Three

I feel like I've failed this Writer Recharge thing. I forgot to check in last week, and I've barely got anything done. I'm nowhere near my goal of finishing this gigantic revision. I kinda figured I wouldn't and yet I thought I'd be a bit further along...

There's actually writing on these cards, even though you can't see it
As you can see, my first Act is set. It's the rest that needs work
I did get something done last week despite the fact that I was at my parents house from Sunday through Thursday. I beated out EPONINE using Save the Cat's 15 beats. And then on Friday I got me some index cards and tried to divide my scenes up into three acts (something new for me). I'm having problems with my middle and I was hoping this would help me to make connections between my characters and fill in my middle section. I *think* it worked. I have a plan anyway and now I'm going to continue on with the revisions- I think I'm on chapter 6. I still don't have the middle scenes laid out in detail, but at least I know what I want to happen now.

Here's hoping March is a much better month.