I finished my NaNo WIP before November was over and surprisingly, I've barely thought of it since. Been too busy with Christmas, etc. Anyway, my daughter was watching TV the other day and BAM! there was my main character, which of course brought the whole manuscript back to mind.

So here's my cast of main characters right now:
Bella Thorne looks so close to how I imagine my MC: red-haired, drama queen Trevi. And she's around the right age which is a bonus since I was thinking Isla Fisher originally. Besides, Bella Thorne can sing which is a major part of who Trevi is.
This manuscript is a YA mystery with a bit of magical realism. There are a few boys who cross paths with Trevi, and all of them become suspects of the strange things that have been happening to girls at the school. 

Suspect #1: Jaff
No, Zayn Malik wouldn't be my favorite One Directioner, if, you know, I actually had one. Which of course I don't. Because I'm in my thirties and that would be just... okay, fine, it's Louis. ANYWAY, Zayn was very inspirational for my character Jaff who is misunderstood and mysterious, friendless, very quiet, but surprises Trevi with his powerful voice.

Suspect #2: Carver
Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls is obviously too old to be in high school. But when I wrote Carver, I couldn't think of anyone else. Cocky, hot in a sort of messy way, but a total jerkface (which I'm sure Martin Johnson actually isn't, but oh well). Trevi doesn't want to interact with this guy, but something happens leaving her with little choice in the matter. 

Suspect #3: Hudson
Asher Book. Originally, I thought of Justin Timberlake for the role of Hudson. But again, age. And I think Asher Book can pull off the baby face and charm. At first, Trevi is into Hudson, but when she finds out he's a player, she loses interest. But he's not easily dissuaded.
This manuscript needs a lot of work, but it's fun to make up a cast anyway. It brings me right back into the book and gets me excited to work on it, even though it's later on my to-do list.
Have you cast your latest manuscript?