Vampires and Key Chains

It's Monday, so I feel like I should be productive and blog about something worthwhile. But all I've got right now are ALL THE FEELS about a few different things.

Like The Vampire Diaries. SPOILERS COMING. I watched two episodes last night. I think it's a bit funny how they drench the plot with so much. (He's not Stefan, he's Silas! He's not Matt, he's some-other-Traveler-guy! Bonnie's dead! Ketsia's here! Katherine is human and her blood is the cure! etc, etc.) Sometimes it's a little eye-roll-worthy in my mind, and yet I still love the show. When last week's ended on, Oh no, Stefan doesn't remember them anymore! I thought, OF COURSE. It's convenient to have a character not remember who they are because then it's almost like starting from the beginning. Beauty and the Beast is using the same trope. However, I had to laugh at myself when I realized I did the SAME thing in my now shelved time-travel manuscript. It's an easy way to thicken the plot, not that they really need to.

Is that how you spell Ketsia?                        Stefan. Nope, Silas.
I've got to say I've got huge appreciation for the general vampire-ness in this show. Vampires have come a long way in the past ten years. Yesterday I watched a season five episode of Smallville where Lana joins a sorority and all the girls are vampires (she becomes one, too) and it was pretty cheesy. We should thank better tech and Stephenie Meyer for vampires being a whole lot cooler these days.
Lana Lang: vampire
Another thing I'm loving is The Dream Thieves. People have gushed and gushed about this book lately so why add to all that gushing? But it's really good. There, I gushed. And I still love Gansey, despite his boat shoes and salmon polo shirts.

Besides vampire shows and awesome books, I like nerdy things. Like this:

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The hubs paid extra for a special Thor cup at the movies on the weekend. I mock him for this usually because all we end up with are tiny figurines that sit inside our kitchen cupboard (waste of money). But this is a KEY CHAIN. So I called MINE and now Thor's hammer helps me find my keys in my gigantic purse.

Happy Monday!