Money Woes

Sometimes I feel so stretched thin, money-wise, I wonder how we even have food on the table.

Take school for example. Fees were $105 dollars which isn't that much compared to some schools probably (I really have no clue) but multiply that by three kids. Then there's hot lunches and the fee I have to pay to allow them to stay at school during lunch hour. Not to mention the school supply fee, new backpacks, lunch kits, water bottles, and indoor shoes- all for four kids. So I get all that paid and now, just a few weeks into school, the fundraising begins. Cookie dough orders and the Terry Fox run. Of course, add in monthly tuition for preschool, kickboxing, and four dance classes. Birthday parties, Halloween costumes, and then Christmas is coming up plus all my kids birthdays...

Yeah. I'm stressing out a little. Sometimes I just want to scream, WHO HAS ALL THIS MONEY??? But it's not like we're really hurting though. I've spent time having pretty much nothing- eating ramen for every meal, walking to get anywhere, and donating plasma so I could have a little cash (hello college years). Yet, I've never lived in absolute poverty. There's always been food on the table, and clothes on my back, even if they came from thrift stores. It's easy to see I've got it pretty good, and despite a few lean times, I always have.

So it's time to stop complaining, buck up, and budget. Says my dad's voice in my ear. Or maybe I could listen to my own inner voice and just daydream the stress away. Either one.