Manic Monday

Well, I'm back from my family reunion and as tired as all get out. There was a lot of late nights, too many early mornings, and SO MUCH driving. I don't even want to get in a car for the next month or so, but too bad for me I have to drive to get pretty much anywhere.

Anyway... here's what I've been up to this past week.

Manic Writing

People way better than me probably still manage to get writing done even while away for a week and a half. I got nothing. The first thing I plan to do before I get back to my WIP is catch up on WriteOnCon. I'm totally bummed that I had to miss it this year but I plan to spend mucho time-o to read every word.

Manic Reading

I reread the first two Percy Jacksons and then had to quit because Siege and Storm was ready for me at the library. Unfortunately, I got about as much reading done this past week as writing so... *buries nose in book*

Manic Watching

I feel like manically watching So You Think You Can Dance since I'm so behind. Last night I watched the Top 14 episode and especially loved this number:

Manic Listening

My whole playlist! Because that's what I do when I drive. Listen to music and sing along badly. For me, that's better than an energy drink any day.