A Proud Pantser

I've always felt a little... guilty... that I'm a pantser. Like, I want to be a GOOD writer so I should outline like a GOOD writer does. When I went back to my WIP after leaving it for like, a year, I promised myself I WILL OUTLINE THIS because I am a responsible, GOOD writer. I wrote a few notes on character, different plot points, and... that was it.

And then I read an article in Writer's Digest (a few months ago? I can't remember when exactly) that talked about why being a pantser can be a good thing. He advised writers to toss their outlines and write organically.

I applaud all writers who can outline before they start writing. If I was you, I'd ignore that dude. If outlining is necessary to you then do it! What the article made me realize is that it's also okay to be a pantser. That I can still be a GOOD writer when I write organically without a set plan in place.

Before I wrote the scene I just finished, I had no set plan of what was going to happen next, just a vague idea. As I came to the end of the scene, what should happen next came to me easily. I never thought I would go in that direction, it never occurred to me to have this next thing happen, but it was SO OBVIOUS. That's the brilliance of being a pantser. When I try to outline, I just don't get these ideas. It's only when I'm writing that the story reveals itself to me.

So I'm a pantser and I'm proud. Even if that means I might have a few extra rounds of revisions later.