Thanks, But No Thanks

This week YA Highway wants to know:

If you time-traveled to a post-apocalyptic future, what would you bring?

Um, so this is easy. I'd bring my time-travel device, whatever it may be: DeLorean, TARDIS, self-invented machine, a wormhole... Why? So I could turn around and go right back home.

I would NOT be going back to 1985 though.

Seriously, if I had a time machine, I would be going to the PAST, not some crappy post-apocalyptic future where they make people compete in games to the death, where robots rule the world, where we have to live in closed off cities to protect us from zombies, or where love is a disease and we all have to take the cure.
I'd be one of the first to die

Yeah, no thank you.

FYI: If I was going to the past, I'd make sure I had a camera. And lots of batteries. Because I'd want some wicked proof.

And speaking of time-travel, which I lurve, have you seen a preview for this movie?

Hey- it's Bill Weasley! (And Rachel McAdams sure likes her lovey time-travel movies)