My Songs Know What You Did

I've been working on my supersecret WIP and it's been tough. Sometimes the scenes come out no problem, and sometimes I struggle with what should come next. I'm also struggling with the MC because she's nothing like I'm used to writing.

Music often helps me with my WIPs. When I was working on Sway, I constantly listened to Michael Buble because his music just fit. Some of his songs helped shape different scenes, or helped me to get into Sway's world.

I'm not someone who spends time creating a playlist, though. Instead, I keep my ears open until I hear a song that just WORKS. With my WIP, there's been one from the start that is sort of the theme song for this MS.

On My Own from Les Miserables
I love this video- even though it doesn't show the whole song, the clips from the movie are very moving.

This week, I've found a second song I can add to my WIPs playlist. Yay! Here it is, now on constant repeat during my writing time:

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
Just yesterday, as I was listening to my iTunes playlist, I stopped suddenly during this Imagine Dragons song and pressed repeat. I've loved their album since I bought it, but yesterday the words hit me and they're perfect for my WIP.
Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons
What are the songs for your WIP? Can I steal them and use them in mine?! :D