First off, can I tell you how excited I am that I made it into QueryKombat, all because of my fantabulous nickname!

Since I didn't get in based on my query, I'd love for any and all to pop on over to Michelle's Blog and give me some crits. You have to wait until all 32 match-ups are up and the judging comment is posted, but then have at 'er! I would love that. You can't vote for me, but you can tear my query to shreds which I'm totally okay with. (I believe that the judges will reply to the 1st comment posted- which is the "judging comment". After that's up, anyone can comment on the posts, before the judges actually do the judging. If that doesn't make sense, Michelle has explained the ruled better than me on her blog.) I'm the second match-up, and my nickname is SWAY ME BUBLE.

Anyway, on to Teaser Tuesday. I'm still on my Jennifer Armentrout kick, reading the latest book in her Covenant series: Apollyon. This time, I stuck to the rules and randomly picked a line (or two, or three). Since this is a fourth book, I really wanted to stay away from spoilers!

I ground my teeth. "You can't have me. I'm not-"
"You're not his, Alex. You don't belong to anyone but yourself!"
He was wrong, so wrong. (page 44)