A Girl Can Dream

It's Road Trip Wednesday day again, hosted by YA Highway. This week they want to know...

Conference season is here! We are getting all excited for BEA and ALA (check out the get-together we have planned with Stacked for ALA!), and we want to know: What authors would be on your dream author panel?

Maybe one of these days I'll get myself to a real writers conference. (Not just a day thing, which I've been to and was, in fact, real, but... you know...) Until then, I can only dream up who I would have on a dream author panel. Mainly, this lady:

If you don't know who this is, then you're either an alien who just landed on our planet, or a person who's brain was removed and replaced with robot parts.

Who wouldn't want to meet J.K. Rowling? Then maybe some of her genius would rub off on me. Or maybe we'd become besties and she'd share her billions with me and introduce me to all her publishing friends. (I know, I know, or maybe pigs fly.)

Really, I'd love to see any author whose book I read and loved on an author panel. It would be great to hear about how the author came up with the book, what they loved about writing it, what their creative process is, what their pub story was like, what they're working on next, what they're like as a human being and not just as THE AUTHOR.

A few in particular I would love to meet because I think their books are full of the funny, are Meg Cabot, Rick Riordan, Kiersten White, Sophie Kinsella, Ally Carter, and Jennifer Armentrout.

Oh, and since this is a DREAM author panel, can Jane Austen be there too? Or maybe just her. Because I've got a lot of questions. And that would be awesome.