Soundtrack of My Novel

I finally finished my R&R of Daze and Knights. It's such a relief but also scary and nerve-wracking and stressful and now days of wondering whether I did enough or did it right or or or.

To get my mind off needless worry, and to remember what I love about the story whether it becomes a success or just a fond memory, I decided to post the soundtrack of my novel. Just a few songs since I don't get Spotify or anything like that here in Canada (not that I know of, anyway), so I'll have to use YouTube.

This song is The Song for my MS. I hear it and see a montage of scenes in my head like a movie preview.

I heard this song on the radio one day ages ago and one lyric just fit right in. "According to you/I'm stupid, I'm useless..."

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece by Beethoven (I'm learning it on the piano right now). In one scene, Jessica dances ballet with this song playing in her head.

Again, this song just FIT, especially for a certain scene. "What if I stay forever/What if there's no goodbye/Frozen for a moment here in time..."

I love me some sword fighting and battle sequences (that's my inner Dragonlance-obsessed-teen talking) and this song is perfect for my battle scene near the end. From my MS: "Together, we crossed the gates and into hell."

What are some songs from your MS or WIP?