With a post title like that, I kinda wish I was blogging about something else.

Alas, (did I just say alas???) it's Teaser Tuesday today so instead of writing about passion, I'm taking a teaser from the book Passion by Lauren Kate, the third in the Fallen series.

Enjoy the teaser. I know I will before I go to the very un-passionate task of cleaning my bathrooms. *shudders*

It killed Daniel to ignore her, to go away from Lucinda when everything in his soul was telling him to turn around and fly right back to the sound of her voice, to the embrace of her arms and the warmth of her lips, to the spellbinding power of her love.

He yanked the shop door open and fled down the street, running at the sunset, running for all he was worth. He did not care at all what it looked like to anyone else in town. He was running out the fire in his wings. (page 116)