Query Help?

I could really use some query help. I've written around half a dozen different drafts of a query for Sway. Not because I like writing queries *shudder* but because that's how bad I suck at them. I've decided on this version so far, but I would love some opinions and thoughts on it.

Ava Elliot thought coming home to LA after eight years away would be easy. She never would have imagined that her family would overspend so much that they'd lose their Hollywood Hills mansion. She never would have guessed that despite a Master's degree from Juilliard, she'd again be dependent on others for help with her fresh start. Worst of all, she never thought she'd see her ex-fiance again.

Ava feels like she's living a twisted version of her old life.

Eric Wentworth, home from his band's sold-out tour, wants nothing to do with Ava. She'd be happy to oblige if he wasn't living in her old home and dating her sister's best friend. Eric and his spiteful songs are a lot easier to ignore when Ava meets Gage, an actor whose chocolate kisses help her to forget the past.

But Gage isn't exactly what he seems and long-buried feelings for Eric are starting to resurface. Moving on is proving harder that Ava thought it would be. But maybe the past is worth fighting for after all.

So whaddya think?

I'm also looking for one or two beta's for this MS if anyone is interested. Someone who reads chick lit/women's fiction. I don't need line edits, I need thoughts on characters and pacing mostly and I'll read your MS in return. :)