For The Love

I've been rereading Twilight for the past couple of weeks and watching the movies, all in prep for seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 this Saturday.

I love Twilight but I still think stuff like this is funny

I love these books. I freely admit it. In fact, I even have a couple of Twilight t-shirts, proving that I'm not afraid to admit my love of this series. It makes me sad that it's become almost a "cool" thing to hate Twilight. I'm not saying that everyone has to love it- because of course not. The world would be a boring place if we all loved and hated the same things. But why is it A THING now to hate on these books and the author?

Now, I don't think the books are perfect (what book is?). There have been little things I've noticed in this past reread that have bugged me a bit. But in all, I think it's a great love story. The characters are the kind that stick with you- whether you always like them or not. I think it's amazing what the Twilight books have done for YA. How many authors out there have been inspired by these books and Stephenie Meyer and went on to write their own.

This too- hilarious!

I feel like I should be good at articulating my feelings on this (I claim to be a writer after all) but in truth, there have been a couple of other posts that say it so much better than I do. There's a good tumblr post done about it here and Shannon Hale's (an author I love) response to it here. Shannon Hale has also continued her talks about Twilight and whether it's damaging to young readers. You can read about that here. She raises some interesting questions and insights.

I guess my main thing, without getting into deep discussions on the merits or downfalls of it, is that it's okay if you hate it. And it's okay if you love it. But I'm not going to be a person who hates it just because that's the "smart" or "cool" thing to do. And I'm not going to be ashamed that I love it. So there. ;)