Looking Ahead (Please Don't Make Me)

Today's Road Trip Wednesday question kind of makes me want to groan. Here it is anyway...

What do you hope to be writing in one year? Three? Five?

Can I groan now?

This is me. Except female and without all the muscles. And clothed.

Here's the thing. I like to look ahead. In fact, sometimes I look ahead so much that I miss what's happening NOW. I often wonder where I will be at 'this time next year.' Will I have an agent? A book deal? Or will I be in exactly the same spot I am now (sigh). That's a depressing thought. I know agents and book deals don't usually happen quickly. (Trust me, I know this first hand.) I've started to tell myself NOT to look ahead. NOT to focus on when I'll have an agent or a book published. I tell myself to focus on the NOW: the writing, the revising, the craft- whatever it is I'm working on NOW. I tell myself not to worry about that end-goal dream.

Which is why I groan. Because I don't want to look ahead anymore.

All groaning aside, I can easily answer this question. In one year, three years, even five years, I'd like to be writing Jessica's story still. I have five possible book ideas (including the two I've already written) which would take me that long. Ideas, a story, and especially a character that I don't want to give up. That's the dream.

But I'm going to focus on the NOW. On the craft, not the dream. And then maybe, when the timing is right, the dream will happen.