Anne and Avonlea

My daughter recently got into Anne of Green Gables. Or maybe I forced her to get into it when I made her watch all three very long movies (Anne of Green Gables, the Sequel, and the Continuing Story). Ha, just kidding. I started watching it while on the treadmill and she got interested and SHE wanted to watch it all.

I'm so happy my eight-year-old is growing to love Anne like I do. One of my favorite childhood memories is watching Anne with my Mom and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now my daughter reads Road to Avonlea, and we've started watching Road to Avonlea episodes. It's been so refreshing watching a wholesome TV show.

So today, what do I love? Road to Avonlea.

And, completely unrelated, I need some book recs. First, I need some great women's fiction or chick lit recommendations. Anyone? The other I'm looking for is a medieval romance (nothing too bodice-ripping though). My character in Daze reads medieval romances and I figured I should read AT LEAST ONE so I know what they're like and what she'd learn from them. Anyone have any recommendations?