For today's Teaser Tuesday I'm pulling my teaser from the last in a trilogy again.

First, can I just say, I hate when I'm reading a later book in a series and don't remember what's going on? I used to have all this time to reread and never encountered this problem, but now I've got stacks on my TBR list and no time for rereading. *sobs*

Anyway, the nice thing about Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready is that she sprinkles in the major plot from the past two books without dumping it right in the beginning or avoiding it altogether. I loved Shade and Shift- this whole trilogy is a brand new concept and she's a page-turning kind of writer. I also love how music is a big part of the books. These trilogy is a definite must.

And now I'll stop blabbing and share my teaser:

Now, I would wage a one-girl vendetta against the DMP for what they were doing to him. For what they'd tried to do to Logan. For what they wanted to do to me.

I would destroy them. (page 80)

What are you reading this week?