Friday Loves: Dance

(I'm the one in orange)

I could probably post about dance every day of the week, I just love it so much. I started jazz when I was eight, ballet and tap around thirteen. I also did musical theatre and contemporary within those classes. At University, I took Country dancing (yep, I really did), and learned a lot of Swing which was huge back then. A few years ago I took a hip hop class (after I'd had two kids), and then a couple years after that I took jazz again. Dance is in my blood and bones and I can't get rid of it. Music comes on and I automatically start to bounce or sway or pop my shoulders (not out of their sockets or anything). Last weekend, I watched the new Footloose again, and afterward I was totally busting a move in my bedroom.

With my love of dance comes my love of anything dance related. TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars, and Breaking Pointe. Movies like Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Step Up, Dance With Me, Center Stage, etc. Surprisingly, I haven't really read any dance books, but I just wrote down some recs from a blog for great YA ones.

Dance for me is that one dream that I'll probably always have but will never come true. I watch dance and I ache to join in. I long to be on stage. I yearn for it, but my time has passed (sob sob). Now, I enjoy it from the audience. My oldest daughter has been dancing for the last four years, and I love watching her grow to love it and improve. (And I solemnly swear I will NOT become a dance mom, or kill her love for it in any way.) My middle daughter starts her first ballet class next week.

Dancing makes me smile. It lifts me up. It's one of the best things in this world. I'll dance, even if it's just in my house, until I'm too old to move.

Since there are so many dance numbers I love, I had a hard time choosing. But this dance number is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The jump Melanie does into Neil's arms takes my breath away.