No, despite the picture, I do not meant cow branding. Building your author brand. Have any of you thought of this?
I'd never really considered it before, mostly because I'm as yet unagented, so the thought of building my brand seemed like a far-off thing.

So why am I thinking about it now? Well, I'm currently querying a YA time-travel. I'm revising a Women's Fic. And my WIP is YA UF.

One of these is not like the other...

I love my Women's Fic manuscript Sway. It's undergoing major- and very difficult- revisions, but I really think it's got something. By the time I have it query-ready, I think it will be time to shelve Daze for good (sob sob sob) if it's not successful out there. But I really don't see any more Women's Fic for me in the future. I mean, I could... but my WIP and also a SNI I've taken notes on are both YA. I keep getting this nagging feeling that I shouldn't worry so much about Sway right now and work on my WIP instead. Except that Sway is closer to being ready, and I do love the story.

This may not be something I really need to worry about. One of the great things about having an agent is that they know more about this stuff and can give the right advice. Yet I still have these doubts that I'm pulling the wrong move somehow.

Ha, or maybe I just worry too much?! What do you think? I'd love to hear thoughts on this, especially from those who write in multiple genres.