Born Wicked

I just finished Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood last night. It started a little slow for me and I've been busy, but last night, only on chapter five, I finished the rest! It was AWESOME! One of those books where I wish I had the next one RIGHT NOW. Anyway, since I haven't had a chance to start the newest book on my TBR (Code Name Verity- super-anxious to read this one!), I'll grab my teaser from Born Wicked.
How much do I love this cover?!

Finn chuckles. "Are you a tree sprite now?"

"I'm pretending to be twelve again." I scrape frantically at my hair, wishing I hadn't thrown all the pins away. I must look a fright. He's always handsome, even covered in sawdust from the gazebo, with that ludicrous hair and his glasses all crooked. (page 126)

What are you reading this week? Head over to Should Be Reading to see everyone else's teasers. And happy back-to-school day! *grins*