Sports Books? Really?

Today's Road Trip Wednesday question is...

In honor of the end of the Olympics, share your favorite sports book!

Does Hunger Games count? No, it doesn't? What about Harry Potter and the whole Quidditch bits? No? Okay, hmmm... I've searched my shelves and I don't see one book about any sport. NOT. ONE.

Looking back on the books I've read, there is only one in the past year and a half that had a sports theme. ONE. Clearly, I'm not into sports books, which is kinda weird because I'm a sucker for movies about sports- even the ones with the cheesy endings where the underdog pulls ahead and wins the championship game. Especially those ones! I cry ugly tears every time.

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. The female protag is the quarterback of the (very male) football team. I LOVED this book! I breezed through it because it was such a great read. Jordan was totally identifiable as a female football player, how she's just one of the guys and yet she starts crushing on the guy who's threatening to take over her position. What I loved most about it though, was that Miranda didn't take the book in the obvious route. She throws a twist in there that you sort of see coming while reading, but you don't know it's there just based on the book blurb. I loved the ending and I'm definitely looking forward to her next book.

So, since I'm not exactly a wealth of info on sports books, anyone have any recs?