Friday Loves

During WriteOnCon, agent Meredith Barnes gave a piece of advice that I found very surprising. She advised writers to blog- but NOT ABOUT WRITING!

Well shoot.

After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to follow her advice a teeny bit. She told writers to blog about something they love (NOT WRITING), and so I decided that every FRIDAY I would do that. Friday will be my day dedicated to something I love (NOT WRITING).

I think you get the point and I can stop all-caps-ing it.

For my first every Friday Loves post, I'm going to share my love of... GLEE!

Okay, I know I'm a little late to the Glee-bandwagon. In fact, I've heard around the internetverse that many people are willingly getting OFF that bandwagon because they've become sick of the show. NOT I! said the pie. That's because I haven't even finished season one yet! I've still got stars in my eyes (and ears) over all the awesome singing/dancing numbers, the relationship drama, and the unexpected tender moments that bring tears to my wide eyes. I still laugh over Sue's over-the-top bad behavior. And I've fallen in love with songs that I've previously despised. (Go figure.)

What's funny is, when the show first came out, I watched one episode and decided I wasn't going to watch any more. Now I LOVE it! Strange.

Anyway, I'm having a major Glee-affair right now and nobody can stop it, not even the up-to-date haters. If, like me, you've ignored the show all this time or didn't give it a chance, here's a little taste. Basically it's the song I get stuck in my head every time I even think the word Glee.