Gotta Get Some Hot Pics, Babyyyy

Here's this week's Road Trip Wednesday question hosted by YA Highway:

When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?
This is so funny because this past weekend I've been giving Daze another edit. You'd think I wouldn't need inspiration at this point, right?


Much of last night was spent staring at this (don't laugh):

Gee, my job is tough. Haha.

I didn't actually base my character of Lord Alric on Alex Pettyfer. It was probably a year or more after I'd finished my first draft that I discovered him and realized he'd be the perfect Alric. Perfect face, perfect hair, perfect eyes. Perfect entire look. And I think he'd play the part perfectly. Oh, and he's a Brit. Hey, Alex, in a few years, expect my call.

Just kidding, I won't call you. Maybe.

Now I've got that song in my head.

Anyway... why was I staring at this picture all night you ask?

Really, you have to ask?

Okay, my major crush on Alex aside, there were a couple different scenes I was trying to fix. I have a tendency to make my characters reactions be in their face, so I was trying to change that, and trying to imagine what my character would do if she was the one staring at the guy. Let me tell you, it worked.

Oh, and because I said PICS-plural, I also stared at these two as well, each for different scenes:

But wait. I haven't even answered YA Highway's question. Where do I go for inspiration? Well, duh. I go to my computer and I look up pictures. Very pretty pictures.

Oh yeah, the other place I go? My iTunes playlist. Music is major inspiration for me. Like this song which I played over and over again last night:

No, my MS doesn't take place during the Regency period, but this song sounds just right for a certain scene.

Honestly, I could keep going. Share tons of pics and songs that have inspired me, but I think you get the idea.

So where do you go to find inspiration?