WIP Songs

Guess what? I'm thisclose to finishing my sequel to Daze and Knights. And let me tell you, I'll breathe a massive sigh of relief when it's done because I've been working (on and off) on this thing for TWO YEARS. I haven't given it priority because I know that writing a sequel to a book that isn't published (or may never be published) is kinda a waste of time. But then I say it isn't, because hey- I'm WRITING. No writing is a waste of time.

There's been this one song that has really helped me push through the troubles I've been having. Every time I listen to it I suddenly get new scenes in my head. It has been a life-saver book-saver for me. I just had to share:

There are a few other songs that I either mention in my sequel, or have also inspired it. This one has felt like the soundtrack for the entire novel:

There's one scene with dancing... cuz you know I love dancing and I can't help putting it in somewhere... Anyway, it's in a forest but Jess hears these two songs in her head. The first one she's dancing alone and celebrating something, and the second, she's dancing with a certain gentleman.

(This is the only clip I could find that would play)

(LOVE Michael Buble)

What songs inspire your WIP? I always love hearing new music...