I had this post all set to appear last Tuesday while I was in Hawaii. Yeah, nothing happened. My post virtually disappeared. This really is the first time I've had an issue with Blogger so I guess I can consider myself lucky. Anyway, a few people doing Blog Me Maybe have done this and I'm macking on the idea.

A is for age: Thirty-coughcough

B is for breakfast today: Chocolate Milk. Yep, it's the breakfast I have EVERY morning and yep, I'm still a kid.

C is for currently craving: More sleep

D is for dinner tonight: I hate to admit this but... McDonalds. Tuesday nights are the worst cuz my son has kickboxing/muay thai from 4-5:15 and my daughter has jazz from 6-6:45. These all happen in the next town over (because my town is too small for this stuff) so there's no time to go home in between for dinner.

E is for favorite type of exercise: Dancing!!!

F is for an irrational fear: Considering I have a wild imagination, it's pretty easy for me to experience any number of irrational fears on a daily basis. Rationally, I'm terrified of needles. I get all sweaty at the mere thought of one.

G is for gross food: Liver. Blech. My mom used to make me eat it.

H is for hometown: Born is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada but haven't been back since I was little.

I is for something important: My family.

J is for current favorite jam: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.

K is for kids: Jade (8), Logan (7), Kori (5), Avery (3)

L is for current location: My TV room upstairs

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Yesterday at Walmart for groceries.

N is for something you need: A house cleaner. I'm putting off cleaning my bathrooms to do this post

O is for occupation: Mom! And writer...

P is for pet peeve: Assumptions. And leaving the toilet seat up.

Q is for a quote: (I found this quote at Pearl Harbor and took a pic of it cuz I didn't want to forget it)

Dear Lord
Lest I continue
My complacent way
Help me to remember
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.
As long as there be war
I then must
Ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?

(Poem Eleanor Roosevelt kept in her wallet during World War 2)

R is for random fact about you: I once glued my eye shut. Then a couple years later another girl did it and landed on Rosie O'Donnell and got all this free stuff just because she freaked out and called 911. That still ticks me off!

S is for favorite healthy snack: cucumbers in vinegar/water. Yum!

T is for favorite treat: Cadbury Cream Eggs and Swedish Berries. Double yum!

U is for something that makes you unique: I like musicals. As a teen I had a crush on Gene Kelly. No joke. (He's the one on the phone)

V is for favorite vegetable: cucumbers

W is for today’s workout: JustDance3 if I can find the time

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Just the ones for my teeth. I don't remember ever having another x-ray.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Um, none. Yesterday was one big mess. 

Z is for your time zone: Mountain