Shout Outs

Blog Me Maybe: May I Tell You Something About Someone Else?

It's the last day of Blog Me Maybe. I can't believe June is starting tomorrow. We better have some good summer weather here in Alberta or I'm leaving. Just sayin'.

Anyway, today I wanted to give shout-outs to some of my beta readers/CPs. These girls are amazing.

Here, have some love from me

First off, my sister-in-law Emily blogs (occasionally) over at Write About Nothing. She's my first and foremost reader (poor girl) and also an extremely valuable Brainstorming Buddy. If I've got the barest of ideas, I can message her and say, what do you think about this? And she zaps back with answers that always help move me along. So check her out cuz she's awesome.

Secondly, check out Michelle Merrill over at Perfecting the Craft. The name of her blog perfectly describes her because she is a genius at the craft of writing. She gave me such helpful line and structure edits when she read Daze I will be forever grateful.

My other reader and major cheerleader of Daze and Knights is Amanda Hannah, who blogs occasionally here but is also one of YA Highway's contributors. If you're not a YA Highway reader, I'm telling you, you should be. Her general gushing over Daze made me obviously very happy (and blushtastic) and she gave me excellent edits on the MS as well as pointed out some of the things I do that I shouldn't (like all the words I overuse- that, just, so, etc). Remembering her enthusiasm for Daze has buoyed me up on those days where I think the book will never see the light of a bookstore window.

Lastly, go see Prerna Pickett over at The Sands of Writing. I had a great time reading one of her MS's and then she returned the favor and read Sway. Although I haven't gone through her edits yet, I was psyched to have her read it because I love her blog and I loved her story.

These girls are AMAZING. They have made me a better writer. I suggest you go check them out, like NOW. Okay? Okay.