Introducing Lord Alric

Blog Me Maybe: May I Tell You Something About Someone Else

For today's Blog Me Maybe, I managed to get an interview with a very special person. Let me tell you, it was hard to get in touch with this guy. He's not just in a different time zone, he's in a different TIME. So here it is, the interview I got with Lord Alric (from my MS Daze and Knights).

Me: I'm so glad I get a chance to talk to you today. You don't mind answering some questions?

Lord Alric: Not at all.

Me: Great, let's get started. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself. General things.

Lord Alric: But we are already acquainted.

Me: Well, yes, but it's not for me, it's for readers of my blog.

LA: What is a blog?

Me: Never mind. Tell me about your family.

LA: I am the third of four sons. My father is the Baron of Newbern, my mother the Lady Annabel.

Me: And what do you do?

LA: Do?

Me: Yeah, like, for an occupation.

LA: I command Count Frederick's army.

Me: You're pretty young to command an army.

LA: Perhaps. From a young age, I have learned all manner of weaponry and tactics. Count Frederick could not find another to equal my ability.

Me: I can tell you're good at all that, you know, because you're really fit and... *blushes furiously* Anyway, is there anything else you like to do, besides swords and stuff?

LA: Sadly, I have time for little else. However, if I have a spare moment, I like to play the gittern. I sing as well.

Me: Will you sing something for me?

LA: At this very moment?
Me: Yeah, now.

LA: *begins singing*

Me: *dies*

So there you have it. I hate to admit that once Lord Alric started to sing, I forgot about all the other questions I had for him. Ah well.

(pictures are of actor Alex Pettyfer)