Two New Loves

There are two new things I'm majorly in love with right now. The first:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer. This book was so different than anything I'd read before. It was one of those books that by about halfway through I couldn't put down. The kind of book I finished and then said, Awwww, dang it! I have to wait a whole year for the sequel! This book was like Cinderella- Star Wars style. Way to go Marissa Meyer, your book rocks.

Another thing I love? Boy bands. It's true, I admit it. I've always been a boy band fan. My love has just changed from an excited-gushing-jumping-JC is so cute! kind of love to a head-bobbin'-dancing-singing-along-in-the-car kind of love. Apparently they're back by the way- I read it in a magazine. Anyway, one of the new boy bands on the scene right now (I can't believe I just said on the scene) is One Direction. Here's one of their awesome songs in case you've never heard of them before.

Oh, and I'm still crushing on Josh Hutcherson (in a totally non-cougar kind of way, right Jaime?). I just can't pick anyone else for a crush of the week. That's what happens when you see Hunger Games again.