A Lame Prom Story

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This Week's Topic:
It's almost prom season, and since we love to read and write about teenagers, we want to hear your prom stories!

Prom? Really? You want me to talk about prom? This might be more fun if I had this super awesome prom story like from a teen movie where I got this fabulous makeover or went with the most popular guy in high school or had any kind of magical evening.

There was no magic.

Okay, yes, I went to Prom. I think the theme was "Take My Breath Away", you know that song from Top Gun? I could be wrong though, sometimes my memories get a little skewed.

Anyway, I went with a friend of mine, Ricky. He had a Ford Mustang which I thought was the coolest car when I was 16. So no limo, which kind of bums me out since I've still never been in one. One day...

Double anyway... after the crappy dinner, I got stomach pains. This happens to me sometimes, more often when I was younger. I used to lay on my bed with a pillow under my stomach until they went away. Since I was in heels and a fancy dress, no such luck. I hid in the bathroom awhile. None of my friends believed that I had stomach pains. They thought it was an excuse because I was having a crappy time or something. Nice, eh?

I remember dancing. I vaguely remember an afterparty with Ricky's friends (who weren't really my friends). And by vaguely- I wasn't drunk, I just have a bad memory. Later, I hung out with my own friends and their dates. After everything, I wished I would have taken Jared, a different guy who wanted to go with me. Mainly because I could've hung out with my own friends and might have had more fun.

So that's the story of my junior prom. Senior prom at my high school was sort of a joke and I didn't go. But our Grad party was a blast. I had way more fun at that than I did at Prom. Looking back, and reading this post back, I can't help but think- LAME. My whole high school experience was pretty uninteresting. Maybe that's why I like writing YA- to liven things up a bit. Haha.

Did you have a magical prom? Does anyone? (Or does that just happen in Teen movies?)