Random Thought Thursday

1. My love for period movies brought me to Daniel Deronda starring Hugh Dancy (swoon) and Romola Garai. It's a gooder- take a peek.

2. Speaking of my love for period movies, I really really really want to wear one of those dresses Romola Garai wears with the big bustle at the butt, the elaborate hair and the cute little hats.

3. I LOVE being a part of this whole writer community going on. Even though I feel like I've only got a toe in, or maybe a foot, I still feel like I'm part of this great thing and lucky to get to know great writers/bloggers.

4. I am a TOTAL toilet paper snob. Even though everyone else I know insists on buying Kirkland Brand (Costco's brand) toilet paper (ugh), I will only buy Charmin Extra Strong double rolls.

5. Speaking of toilet paper... potty training is my NEMESIS.

6. The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. And it has F-words every two seconds. Seriously. Awful.

The Grey Poster

7. I have a huge distaste for LOL. I never use it. Ever. When I see it, I read it like a word- lol (loll). Which is why I always use Haha. Because it looks like it sounds.

8. Why why why is there always that one person who is so AWFUL on The Bachelor? I'm looking at you Courtney.

9. There's a concert coming up with Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, and These Kids Wear Crowns- all bands I love. Am I going? No. Sigh.

10. I like change. As is evidenced by my constant blog background changes.

11. My love for Cadbury Cream Eggs known no bounds. Soon, my thighs will know no bounds with all the cream eggs I'm eating. Haha.