Campaigns and Teasers

     I've signed up for the fourth Writer's Building Platform Campaign. You can find it over at Rach Writes. This will be the second campaign for me, although I hope to do better than last time. Word of warning in case you've never done one before: Don't sign up for too many groups! That's what I did last time and I just couldn't keep up. So this time it'll just be one group for me. I'm excited to join up- I love discovering new writing blogs and getting to know other writers.
     On to Teaser Tuesday, hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading.

     From Goliath, by Scott Westerfeld:
     Rope hissed through the carabiners like an angry viper, and Deryn let herself fall fast. The first moments of descent were glorious, her worries about Tesla, his iron football, and barking Prince Aleksandar of Hohenberg all left behind. But soon Deryn twisted in midair, tightening the grip of the carabiners, and came to a long and skidding halt. Momentum swung her inward toward the airship's underbelly, where she reached out and grabbed the ratlines with one gloved hand. (page 182)
     FYI: I loved this book and the whole trilogy. While Steampunk wouldn't be my favorite genre (there's a lot of technical jargon going on that makes my eyes glaze over), these books were entertaining, fun, and my first foray into Steampunk itself so totally different from what I'm used to. I loved loved loved Deryn/Dylan Sharp. If you want to read about a kick-butt girl- she's the kick-buttiest girl out there. Alek was everything I wanted him to be. All the characters are really full and well-developed and you can't help but like them. I also loved the time-period the books take place in (hello World War I). The end to the trilogy didn't disappoint either. If you want to give Steampunk a try, definitely pick up these books. Barking spiders, they're awesome!