Random Thought Thursday

1. I wanted to read 100 books in 2011. I only made it to 89. Sigh.
2. Goal for 2012: Read 100 books. :)

3. I LOVE period movies (and no, I don't mean movies about feminine issues). Most recent love affair? North and South starring Richard Armitage and... you know, a bunch of other people. (FYI- this isn't a movie about the civil war.)

4. With the above love comes the wish that I could wear dresses that look like this:
It's no wonder I like to write time-travel novels
5. Just Dance is a great workout. And fun too! I totally rocked the Bollywood number this morning.
6. My mom makes the BEST chocolates in the world. Her fondant is AMAZING. Since I ate a bazillion of them over the holidays, it's a good thing I'm back to working out every day.

7. The Liar Society is an AWESOME book so far. Lisa and Laura Roecker- can I be your friend?

8. Another AMAZING thing? The new Sherlock Holmes movie. Just as good as the first. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have excellent chemistry together.

9.  I have an unnatural chipperness going on with me this morning. Who knows why. Or how long it will last.