I'm forgoing Road Trip Wednesday this week. I simply do not have the brain power today. I've been in Ottawa since last Thursday and arrived home last night. My older sister got married and it was a great weekend. I got to see most of my family except one brother who couldn't attend.

(the most recent photo I could find with all of us in it!)

     I know this is so not writing related, but I have to take a moment and say how thankful I am for such an awesome family. I'm the youngest of seven kids, with two older sisters and four older brothers. The closest in age to me is four years. I didn't spend a lot of time with my siblings growing up since they were so much older. I started High School just as my sister had graduated from it. But in a way, I'm very very lucky. I don't have any kind of awful memories of my siblings being horrible to me. Things definitely weren't all peachy (I remember fighting with my sisters), but I never had anything bad to get over, know what I mean? I know lots of people who had at least one sib who was so rotten to them it took until they were adults to actually like that person. Not me. My sibs were so good to me, even allowing me- the annoying younger sister- to hang out with their friends.
     I don't see my family much- we're very spread out through Canada and the US. But I love them so much. They are awesome. And I am blessed.