Blog Funk

     Ever go through a blog funk? I used to have ideas on top of ideas of things to post about. Today I'm watching the little line blink on and off on my non-existent post just waiting for words to appear.
     I think one of the reasons is that I haven't been writing. Since I finished Sway last November I really haven't written anything except a scene from my Daze sequel. That's not to say I've done NOTHING. Besides keeping up with my reading, I edited Sway once and finished beta-ing for someone else. But it almost feels like without the actual writing, I've lost touch a little with the writing world.
     Not good.
     I've got to finish my new edits on Sway so I can send it out to Betas. I really need to focus and work hard on that so I can get back to writing something, anything. And maybe then those writing-creative-juices will start flowing once again.