The Next Door Boys

     Last night I finished reading The Next Door Boys by Jolene Perry. It was a great read and I have to recommend it to everyone. It's fun reading a book by someone I know. Okay, I don't actually know Jolene. But her blog was one of the first I followed over a year ago so I feel like I can claim that.
     The Next Door Boys is about Leigh- a girl recovering from cancer who just wants to live a normal life and be on her own. So she goes to BYU but still has to deal with her overprotective brother and the fact that her body isn't fully recovered. And she has to deal with all these boys liking her.
     I don't read a lot of LDS novels (even though I am LDS), but I found it fun to read about things I could personally relate to. Not the cancer of course, but going to BYU and the marriage craziness and just the little things that reminded me of my time there. Mostly I loved the love story and watching it unfold slowly. I loved how the characters were really rounded out. I found that while I didn't personally relate to Leigh in a lot of ways (the cancer, she sews, and *gasp* she doesn't like chick flicks), I still connected to her. Most of all, I loved Brian. But sheesh- what's not to love about the guy?
     Anyway, read it, especially if you're LDS and even if you're not because it's a great story. And then stop by Jolene Perry's blog if you don't already follow her. You won't regret it.