I'm Ba-ack!

 This is where I was on Friday- Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
This is what I came home to on Saturday (my backyard)

     You know what really sucks? Being on a warm, white, sandy beach with clear blue water one day... then stepping off an airplane to heaps of freezing cold snow the next.
     Seriously- major suckage.
     I had a great cruise. It was awesome. I snorkeled (for the first time) over a shipwreck and took a catamaran in St. Thomas. I zip-lined (another first) through the rain forest of San Juan, Puerto Rico. I rented a junker car and got to see parts of Grand Turk that the cruise lines DON'T want you to see, and I laid on the above-mentioned beach in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.
     Aaaahhhhh, heaven.
     Now I'm back to minus weather, shoveling snow (well, I don't actually have to shovel, my hubbie snow-blows), wearing mittens and toques and scarves, and generally freezing my patootie off. Sigh. At least it's Christmas. It helps to ward off PVD: Post-Vacation Depression.
     I hope everyone has been doing great and not slacking off like I did this past week. Although I have to admit, it was nice to be computer-free for a week. I think I needed a tech break. Everyone should take one once in awhile.
     I can't wait to get back to reading all your blogs!