Dear Santa

This week's Road Trip Wednesday prompt:

What would be the ideal holiday present for your main character (or favorite character)?

Oooh, a good one. So what do my MC's want for Christmas? Well, I'll let them tell you. Or rather, I'll share with you their letters to Santa.

First off Jessica Jacobs from my YA time-travel novel Daze and Knights.

Dear Santa,

Um, this might be a lot to ask, and kinda tough to pull off, but I'd actually like to be with my boyfriend for Christmas. Well, I don't know if I can call Lord Alric my boyfriend. He probably doesn't even know what that word means, although I guess it's not hard to figure out. But saying lover seems a bit much for a teenage girl.
But seriously. I miss him. A lot. So maybe a time machine to take me back to Hampshire? And a new dress so I could look all hot. Ooh- and maybe a fancy dagger that I could give him as a present. That would be awesome, thanks.

And if that's just a bit much to ask... I could use a new iPod.
You're the best!

Next up is Ava's letter, my twenty-seven-year-old protag from Sway. Since Sway happens during the summer, this letter was written before the story takes place. (I don't want to give anything away by doing it after the story's over!)

Dear Santa,

It's been a long year and I'm glad it's almost over. Mostly, I'd like my family and friends to have what they wish for. Dad's favorite face cream. Chanel perfume for Aunt Rose. That new Hermes bag for Beth. For Mari- maybe a vacation or some kind of alone time with Charlie (so you might want to avoid giving him any video games this year). Mari's boys want Cars 2 on DVD but I've already bought that for them, so whatever else they've put on their list- you choose.

If anyone deserves something for Christmas, it's Lexi. She could use a break. Or a man. Someone she can rely on. If you could manage that, I won't ask for anything for myself.

Speaking of myself though... I know I've asked for the same thing the last seven years but I can't help but ask again. More than anything, I would really love to have Eric back in my life. I know- I already had it and I screwed it all up. But if you could possibly, just maybe, in some way manage it... That would be my dearest Christmas wish.


Ava Elliot
      So what about your characters? What would they ask Santa for this Christmas?