WIP Ramblings and Rag-Time

     Ahhh, I'm so close- I can see the end in sight! I'm at 69,000 words on my WIP, I've got a few scenes left to write, and then I'm DONE! It makes me all antsy inside. And I get doubly antsy when I start to worry about all the things that could be wrong with it. But of course, you've gotta push that aside and just write. I tell myself that all the time. Wait till after, fix it later, etc.
     I made a comment to someone yesterday that sort of popped out but I realized as I was saying it (or texting it) that it was true. I said that I never worried so much about my characters when I wrote Daze and Knights. That makes me worry a little that I didn't put in enough effort into Daze. But as I was thinking about it, I realized a few things. One, Jessica- the MC in Daze- is a lot like me. Her thought processes, her actions, her likes and dislikes... a lot of me came out in her and so it was very natural to write her. The love interest, Alric, was also easy to write, mostly because I wanted an almost perfect guy and so all I had to do was imagine what my perfect guy would be like. The rest of the characters sort of just came together naturally.
     The thing with Sway, is that these are not my original characters. They aren't coming solely from my imagination. Instead, I'm copying them, or stealing them might be the better way to say it, from a classic novel. I'm reinventing them. Which, can I say, is HIGHLY stressful. I want to do them justice, I want them to keep a lot of the same characteristics as their original selves, but I need them to be modern and believable in our world.
     Yeah, that stresses me out. And that's not even mentioning the pressure I feel to do the entire classic novel justice. Agh- what was I thinking writing this? Ha, nevermind. I'm almost done, there's no point worrying about that now! And it's been a blast writing it, that's for sure.
     Anyway, enough of my ramblings. 30 Day Song Challenge, Day 27: A Song I Wish I Could Play
     Easy-peasy. I've always wanted to be able to play Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin on the piano. I can play most of it, all but the last page. But I've never nailed that last page down. And I've never played it really well. I tend to lose control of my fingers and the right hand ends up going faster then the left. Ah well. Practice right? (Ohmygosh, I just listened to this and realized how much I suck at this song! I wish I could play it as well as this!)