On Vamps and Wolves

     I saw Breaking Dawn on Saturday night. It's nice that our theatre close by has the AVX theatre. Meaning, you can buy your tickets in advance and pick your seats. So a week before, we bought our tickets, picked prime seats, and then didn't have to get there early or wait in any lines on Saturday night. Meaning I could pretend I wasn't a screaming fangirl. Nice.

    Anyway... my verdict? Well, I liked it. A lot. I wasn't expecting much. Breaking Dawn is my least favorite of the books, although I do love Jacob's perspective. With a wedding, honeymoon, and pregnancy... well I knew the movie would probably be a bit slow, with very little action.
     I didn't find it slow at all. I guess because I know the characters, I know the story, and I was caught up in it. My brother-in-law (who just came to be with his wife) found it VERY slow. So I guess, if you're a fan you'll probably like it. If you're not... don't expect to be riveted.

     Jacob was the best part for me (and I'm a Team Edward girl). Taylor Lautner did an awesome job. It was really evident how much Jacob has to grow up and mature in this movie. And they did the whole birth scene VERY well. It was gross, a little bit traumatizing, and Bella looked AWFUL. Seriously, so so bad. I enjoyed the movie enough that I'm miffed I have to wait another year to see part two.
     Anyway, of course I'm going to do my crush of the week. And I've got two. Like I said, I'm a Team Edward girl. In fact, in my first reading of the books, I never got Bella's thing for Jacob in Eclipse (that whole begging him to kiss her scene). Seeing the movies... well, I understood better. Maybe that's just because of Taylor Lautner! Haha. Actually, this re-reading, and watching all the movies again... I couldn't help but think as a human I'd rather be with a werewolf. Hot bods aside, the warmth is very appealing. And there's something about the idea of snuggling up with a big, furry dog. But the love story between Edward and Bella has always been what got me, what hooked me to the books.
     So right now, I'm on Team Both.